Pretty straight question.

I see is now the second most populated instance based on, with 3634 monthly active users.

I also know that Lemmy devs said that is bigger than beehaw, and only costs 80 euros per month for a dedicated server.

As has 3561 monthly active users, should we consider that around 3,5k-4k users is the sweet spot for an instance population, and stop recommending the ones that reached that threshold?

    29 months ago

    That’s really thoughtful of you, but no need to worry. I’m still managing access to Lemmy manually, and only after I reach the 250 I will start giving the option to “upgrade” or check if the account is being used or if just squatted for the free slot.

    • @Blaze
      29 months ago

      I see! I might join later this week-end then