I’ve been really wanting to get a steamdeck. I’ve been playing a lot on my modded switch, but there is a lot I want to play that is not available on the switch.

Does anyone have both systems and still use the switch?

I imagine I can just dump my games and emulate them on the Steamdeck.

I don’t do anything online, so I can’t imagine I’ll miss out on anything.

Im an experienced Linux gamer, so im not worried about the Linux side of things.

  • @worfamerryman@beehaw.orgOP
    19 months ago

    Yeah, I did an inventory of my games and most are also on PC. The only exceptions that I care about are Mario odyssey, Metroid, and tears of the kingdom.

    • @nezach
      29 months ago

      I guess it boils down to

      1. You want to play Nintendo Exclusive Games
      2. Portability, since the switch is a bit smaller and battery life is solid.

      Other than that, Steam Deck is a beast. For me that’s not worth having a switch. But whatever suits your boat. In the end we are all gamers and I respect all the various possibilities.