• @Custoslibera@lemmy.world
        28 months ago

        I was attempting to be humorous; obviously that failed. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem to be apparent to many as to why America glorifies soldiers rather than teachers so I guess I’ll elaborate.

        Glorifying soldiers is a nationalistic practice designed to distract from the very real cost of war I.e. the death of young men and women to protect capitalist interests.

        It’s a tactic to encourage impressionable people to join ‘for glory’ or prestige when in reality there is very little of either. First hand accounts of literally any war will tell you this.

        You could use this same tactic for teachers but historically teaching is seen as a ‘woman’s’ job and so the existing value structures of our society preclude this profession from the same veneration. I.e. the patriarchy is why teachers aren’t glorified in the same way.

        • @angstylittlecatboy@reddthat.com
          8 months ago

          I think it’s worth noting that the “glorifying soldiers” tactic doesn’t really work; the US military routinely falls short of recruiting goals, and among people who do join, patriotism isn’t a common given reason.