• @alvvayson@lemmy.world
    35 months ago

    True, but there were also concerns about the proliferation of nuclear technology and the risks of nuclear war.

    If we could power the earth without nuclear or fossil fuels, that would be objectively better. But it just doesn’t seem possible.

    And trying to achieve an impossible goal while simultaneously burning even more carbon is irresponsible.

    So we need to quickly build out the required nuclear capacity.

    • @Haui
      15 months ago

      Yes, I agree that there are risks involved.

      I think the risks with Fossil fuels are a lot higher:

      • instead of putting nuclear waste in the ground, we pump it in the air (fossil fuel waste is radioactive)
      • instead of nuclear proliferation, we support barbarist states such as saudi arabia

      So, the question between fossil and nuclear was never there. It was always nuclear and people that lobbied against it should go to jail for the rest of their lives for murder.

      Now, I have no clue how far along we are. This (site)[https://wisevoter.com/country-rankings/renewable-energy-by-country/] says we‘re at 17% global coverage and some people argue that rn we should invest every dollar/euro in renewables instead of nuclear.

      I can understand that argument. Not sure which makes more sence though.