• sugar_in_your_tea@sh.itjust.works
      8 months ago

      Yup. I preordered and have loved it since day 1. I’ve only ever used Steam on Linux (just hit 10 years last month), and it has been amazing to see the progress. I went from mostly playing indies with Linux support (played Minecraft beta, Factorio alpha, and a few others) and a handful of games through WINE (mostly Starcraft 2, but a couple of others as well).

      It’s amazing to see the progress Steam on Linux has made, but most of the user visible progress was made from a year or so before the Steam Deck to a year or so after (wouldn’t be possible without WINE devs doing most of the work though), and it’s getting better every day.

      So thank you everyone who bought a Steam Deck for signaling that Linux gaming is worth investing in.