PlayStation Portal is out but trying to find one is about as arduous as trying to buy a PS5 in late 2020.

    46 months ago

    Naw their criticisms are extremely fair.

    When this thing was first announced it was met with mostly people all over going “what’s the point of this thing, nobody is going to buy such a useless thing when they can just play on their phone or some adapter” etc.

    Then when the pre-orders where announced to be selling out, it didn’t shift to “people want this thing”, they just pivoted to “they are just lying to hype it up”

    And now that it’s sold out everywhere, they have no choice but to either admit it was wanted and they were wrong, or just keep going with the idea that, no, it’s everyone else that is wrong.

    • Centillionaire
      36 months ago

      Less than 10% of PS5 owners buy this. It is a screen with a controller that can only be used to play your PS5 with when you are at home for $199.