• @PoisonedPrisonPanda
      26 months ago

      Its always something isnt it?

      I too had issues with some stuff at first. But until I dive into org mode its the best i was getting.

      (Im telling this from stumbling through many apps like tiddlywiki, obsidian, joplin, qownnotes, trilliumnotes, standardnotes, and probably more)

    • @Rockslide0482
      16 months ago

      I primarily use logseq but have obsidian configured to use the same directory. I then use logseq for journaling and some tag notes that have searches and links kind of built in. Then I have obsidian for wiki or KB type notes. I can then link to parts of that in logseq. I also use obsidian for a few niche situations where the plugins add value. Its not a perfect solution but it works pretty well for me. I also typically use obsidian to folder directory organize my non journal notes, bit really you could just as easily use your file browser for that.