So I recently got my diagnosis and a RitalinLA prescription. I started with 10mg and am now on 20mg. The problem is, that I don’t feel any difference. I don’t take it on weekends, so I have regular references, but everything is still the same. For reference I’m an early twenties male. Did anyone have similar experiences and if so, was it just a dosage issue? Because I feel like there should be some effect at least.

    63 months ago

    The doctor will prefer to give you not enough at first and then steadily increase the dose until it starts to help. I think Ritalin is the same stuff as Concerta, and for a while I was on 54mg of that. Nowadays I’m mostly down to 27mg daily, but on days where I know my attention will be taxed heavily, I can take 2 and go back up to 54, since I know I can handle it.