• @infeeeee@lemm.ee
      103 months ago

      You can find the list of supported hardware here: https://libreboot.org/docs/hardware/

      There are some mobos, most of them are from prebuilt desktops.

      I found only one “gamer”: Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L from 2009, Socket 775, supports Core2Extreme, that was a beast 15 years ago.

      But any other mobo can be used as a gaming mobo, usually they have standard ports and and newer ones tend to follow standard ATX sizes. Front IO ports usually use different configuration, but you can still use it in a case, possible that only the onoff button will work, no leds and reset, that’s good enough

      • sadreality
        13 months ago

        Thank you for a thorough reply.

        Looks like this will need few years to mature. God willing it will support for more modern situations over next few years. I would deff consider my upgrade around mobo that supports FOSS BIOS.