reading about the topic I personally wondered about how people can use VPNs like ProtonVPN for torrenting which isn’t legal in some countries, without ProtonVPN and other providers getting in trouble.

Of course they don’t log and don’t have data about which user is accessing what so they can’t hand out data. But why don’t law enforcements force them to block specific traffic and thus hindering people from using it for pricacy?

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    123 months ago

    Torrenting stuff that is public domain or intended by its creators to be shared via BitTorrent isn’t illegal. You won’t get busted for sharing a Linux ISO or a copy of Moby Dick.

    You would get in trouble for media made in or after 1929 (currently). A VPN would help to protect you from being caught for this, but you would most likely never get arrested for downloading, only being a major player in a scene.

    And why cops don’t stop them? They do. There’s laws on books that prohibit them, but in (a lot) of countries, they either don’t have a law that stops VPNs, only piracy sites, or simply don’t have the time to care about media piracy when there’s bigger fish to fry.