reading about the topic I personally wondered about how people can use VPNs like ProtonVPN for torrenting which isn’t legal in some countries, without ProtonVPN and other providers getting in trouble.

Of course they don’t log and don’t have data about which user is accessing what so they can’t hand out data. But why don’t law enforcements force them to block specific traffic and thus hindering people from using it for pricacy?

    • @nailoC5@lemy.lol
      63 months ago

      where did they say that? Mullvad:

      Unfortunately port forwarding also allows avenues for abuse, which in some cases can result in a far worse experience for the majority of our users. Regrettably individuals have frequently used this feature to host undesirable content and malicious services from ports that are forwarded from our VPN servers. This has led to law enforcement contacting us, our IPs getting blacklisted, and hosting providers cancelling us.


      Since recent similar changes in the policies of another popular VPN service provider, we have seen a significant influx of new customers, and the risks posed by such activities have grown manyfold. A considerable increase in law enforcement inquiries and erosion of relationship with data centers could threaten our ability to keep serving our customers.