• @mariusafa@lemmy.sdf.org
    3 months ago

    If you want to install this please DO NOT USE THE CH341A programmer. That fucking shit has the internal control signals and data signals at 5V and the bios chips usually work at 3.3V or lower.

    The CH341A is defective by design and the Chinese manufacturers don’t care. There are fixes online, but still the chip works badly.

    If you want to install libreboot, please use any other option given at Libreboot docs. I lost too many hours because of the fucking Chinese ch341a. Which I solved quickly with a pi pico board.

    In any case do not use this guy’s video as an example. The instructions of the video ARE WRONG and you may fry your bios. Don’t be fooled by this youtuber confidence. Follow the docs.

    I’ve installed it on a x220.