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Hey selfhosted community,

Around a year ago I started a new project called, which is a self-hosted task management system that aims to be simple and easy to install. I also made this reddit post to share with the community.

Yesterday I released the version 2.0.0 so I thought it would be a good time to share it with the community again. The new version includes some previously requested features, some features that no one requested but I thought would be nice to have, simplifies the initial setup, improves documentations and some other things.

You can find it here:

Main features:

  • Create cards, lanes and tags in a modern and responsive interface;
  • Write cards as Markdown files;
  • Easy to install with a single Docker image;
  • Light and dark themes synced with operating system settings;
  • Heavily customizable with 3 default color themes (Adwaita, Nord and Catppuccin);
  • Support for subpath based reverse-proxy with an environment variable for base path;
  • Can be installed as PWA (though it requires setting up https).