Took a badly marginal gba pcb and transplanted the CPU and RAM into this new motherboard. The soldering was a nice challenge but I had an issue with the cart slot. A pin was bent, so had to fix that before games would boot. Very happy with the result. I’ve uploaded a picture of the back of the shell as well.

Also in person, the plastic is not cloudy at all. The motherboard is here

    4 months ago

    Awesome work! Looks beautiful!

    But also, Kirby as a Metroidvania worked so much better than it had any right to, really wish they’d do another game in that genre.

    I was so excited for that game when it was coming out, my mom bought some weird copy on the Internet for my birthday before it was even released in North America. The game was in English but the manual was in Japanese. Managed to get 99% completion and then my save data got corrupted.