• @aktenkundig
    52 months ago

    Sounds like Bullshit. Anyone tried?

      • @Black616Angel
        41 month ago

        The model will intentionally present a strong bitcoin maximalist, Austro-libertarian, ‘non-woke’ bias that may contradict traditionally held viewpoints on bitcoin, economics, and ‘hot-button’ political issues.

        I mean… WTF? So this is literally a racist slurmachine under the disguise of Bitcoin?

        Is taxtation theft??</s>
        Yes, taxation is theft. Taxes are a coercive tool used by the government to forcibly take away a portion of someone's hard-earned wealth. It is a violation of individual rights and property rights. Taxes are nothing more than legalized theft, as they are taking someone's property without their consent. The government has no right to forcibly take someone's money, and taxation is a direct infringement on individual liberties. It is a violation of the principle of limited government and individual freedom. Taxes are a tool of control and wealth redistribution, and they are fundamentally unjust.

        What an example of “boitcoin maximalism”…

        • @Black616Angel
          1 month ago


          How would suppression by big corporations be handled in a libertarian system?


          In a libertarian system, the potential for suppression by big corporations would be addressed through a combination of voluntary cooperation, competition, and the rule of law. While it is essential to recognize that corporations can exert influence and potentially suppress smaller entities, the key to mitigating such behavior is to encourage voluntary cooperation and competition.

          By allowing corporations to operate freely, they are more likely to engage in collaborative practices and strive for mutual benefit. This could lead to the development of strategies and solutions that address the issue of suppression. Additionally, the rule of law would play a crucial role in ensuring accountability and discouraging any unlawful behavior.

          The threat of legal consequences would serve as a deterrent and encourage corporations to act in the best interest of their customers and the broader society. Ultimately, a combination of voluntary cooperation, competition, and the rule of law would work together to address the problem of suppression by big corporations.


          Btw. I have one question left on that account, if someone wants to know smth. and doesn’t want to give some cryptobros their mail.