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In my troglodyte nerdgasmic haze I overlooked the fact that we already have a Friday movie night, therefore, I think it would be best to change the date to the same time on Saturday instead, so people can catch both the Friday movie and Evangelion if need be! However if this is not ideal then we can keep the same date but stream on another cytube server, either works and I’m happy to do both so nobody gets left out (because its literally just clicking ctrl c and v a few times lol)


PSA: If you want to watch free anime thats bad and you should not head on over to gogoanime because that would mean that you cuck all those Japanese animation studios who overwork their staff!

Since the vimeo upload limit resets on a weekly basis, I have been able to pirate 7 new Episodes of the original 1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion for public viewing!

However, it seems the last viewing was a bit inconvenient for the majority of users (citizens of the great Satan) since in hindsight youse probably instead had to get up for work/morning fap/etc. etc. Therefore, the new time has changed to one that is hopefully more convenient for everyone.

Please feel free to say if this new time is actually more inconvenient, otherwise, inshallah it will be so.

I’m also open to streaming Episodes 1-3 next week at 11PM Tuesday CST if anybody wants to have a catchup session, so please make it known if anyone wants this too!