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    Parts of northern India continue to reel under a prolonged heatwave that has thrown normal life out of gear.On Thursday, temperatures soared beyond 45C in many states and touched 48.8C in Rajasthan state’s Barmer city.India’s weather department has said that the heatwave is likely to continue till Wednesday.Several regions are facing water and electricity shortages due to spikes in power consumption.

    On Wednesday, Delhi’s peak power demand reached 8,000MW, the highest in the history of the Indian capital.Delhi is experiencing a brutal heat spell, with temperatures hovering around 45-46C through this week.Weather experts say that the heat index - or the apparent or experienced temperature - has crossed 50C because of the high levels of humidity.Hospitals in the city have set up special facilities to treat patients experiencing heat-related illnesses, which are also on the rise.

    Rohit Nair, 34, who works in advertising in Delhi, says that the heat is unbearable.

    "I just feel exhausted the entire day.

    Delhi is boiling this year," he says.Mr Nair says he avoids stepping out during the afternoons, but it’s uncomfortable even indoors.

    “It’s impossible to sit without the air conditioner on,” he says.

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