Hey, we still haven’t been able to find a secure way to poll everyone yet. I’ve really been wanting to ask (in the negative, to be more inclusive) what proportion of Hexbear is queer. This isn’t going to be super scientific or anything as a result, but just a quick guess.

Please respond to this post with the following emojis :

For yes, you ARE a cisgender heterosexual (cishet):


For no, you are NOT a cisgender heterosexual (cishet):


For unsure, as in you are UNSURE or QUESTIONING if you are queer, transgender, a cisgender heterosexual (cishet), etc:


If you have anything to add, please use a spoiler tag below your answer like so:



Remember to respond even if you are cisgender, queer, or otherwise. Everyone should try to respond, if you feel comfortable! meow-shining