Link to the modlog:

Link to the community: !

Edit: for context, I first sent a DM to the single mod asking them if we could consider merging communities (basically my comment below). They ignored me but opened the thread.

My comment

Should we maybe consider merging this one with ! ? We have regular pinned posts and movie-specific discussion threads over there, and that community has been more active than this one lately, be it weekly or monthly (1.54k vs 1.32k and 2.92k vs 2.51k). The moderation team has several people, including movie enthusiasts who post there regularly. We had our first AMA a while ago a few weeks ago: And if people ask why we wanted to have a community on another instance than, the large majority of active communities are already on LW (, it seems better to spread communities a bit.

Reason for removal

Not currently considering this action Maybe in the future.

I guess I’m just a bit sad that they removed the comment altogether instead of letting it there and considering a discussion.

I’ve heard several times that Lemmy should consolidate communities (like what happened with ! and ! recently), but I guess it’s easier said than done.

In the meantime, congrats for making this community the most active one!