from the team:

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce that desktop apps for macOS (including a highly requested Safari extension) and Linux are now available, completing our top voted feature request and bringing Proton Pass to all devices:

Proton Pass is an open source identity manager, protected by end-to-end encryption, audited by third parties, and backed by strict Swiss privacy laws.

Offline Support

All desktop apps include offline support on paid plans.

Other features

Proton Pass is packed with features to help keep you secure, at home or at work.

  • Unlimited passwords on all your devices
  • Unlimited hide-my-email aliases
  • Integrated 2FA authenticator
  • Secure vault sharing
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Password health reports
  • Passkey support
  • Encrypted notes

Limited time deal $10/ year

Upgrade to Proton Pass Plus by June 16 for only $10* for your first year (discounted from $23.88).

Follow this link to get the deal:

*Offer available only for free or new Proton Pass users.

What’s next?

Biometric support is coming soon. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks!

You can also share, vote on, and discuss feature requests on User Voice. Thank you, as always, for your feedback and support.

Proton Team

EDIT: We’re aware of an issue trying with trying to install both Proton Mail and Proton Pass desktop applications on Linux, thanks for your patience! In the meantime, this can be resolved with the following:

sudo rpm -i --force ProtonPass_1.17.5.rpm