I have really been loving my steam deck lately. I’ve now played through Fallout 3, New Vegas, all of their respective DLCs, and am about 100hrs into 4 right now.

Normally I play indie games since that’s where my interests are and I grow tired of the AAA jackassery.

I mention that to illustrate that I do use and live the deck. But I guess I’m not creative enough to use the back buttons at all. So to the title question:

  • What games do you play that make the most use of the back buttons?

  • What functions are mapped to those buttons?

  • Or are you like me and just never use them?

  • JoeKrogan@lemmy.world
    1 month ago

    I’ve only use them for emulation so far, to load & save states, also for fast forwarding on the psx and 3ds to take the grind out of rpgs