“Who can afford to go to multiple shows?” says the anonymous tour manager. “Two tickets to a show, you’re talking probably about $200 with fees and everything. You go to a meal around the show, you’re talking at least $100 or $200 for a nice dinner. Then you got parking and babysitters, then you add the VIP stuff to that and you want to make it a special night, you’re talking $500 to $1,000 a night for a couple to go out. It’s capitalism at its best.”

    • TheFriar@lemm.ee
      1 month ago

      Ticketmaster and live nation are the ones reselling their own tickets. Tickets sell out in minutes, and those vultures get to charge $700 for a $100 ticket. Plus the fees. Or they make deals with scalpers to sell them in bulk so they get the fees for both the initial sale and the resale. Now that their official resale markets exist, they’ve got their hand in everyone’s pocket coming and going.