Sharing that it’s possible to make mini pc’s portable via powerbank.


Mini PC: Beelink SER5 Pro AMD Ryzen 7 5700U 32GB RAM 1TB SSD Windows 11 Pro Mini PC

  • bought at Datablitz at ₱18,495.00
  • Updated OS to Manjaro. Not recommended as this may void the warranty, pero malupet lang talaga hate ko sa Win11 so I risked it.

Portable Monitor: SZHOESD.a 14inch Portable Monitor FHD 1080P External Display With Dual Speakers

  • bought at Lazada at ₱2,905.00 (used vouchers. Regular price is ₱3,799.00)

Powerbank: Romoss PMT40 40000mAh Portable Powerbank 65W PD Fast Charging

  • bought at Lazada at ₱3,299.00 (can use vouchers + coins, so this can be get at a lower price)

Cord: BAVIN CB229 100W PD Fast Charging Cable Quick 5A USB Type C to Type

  • bought at Lazada at ₱312.62 (can use vouchers + coins, so this can be get at a lower price)

DC Converter: 100W USB Type C Fast Charging Adapter Plug Connector Universal USB C (5.5-2.5mm)

  • bought at Lazada Bundle and Save at ₱162.21
  • either there’s a bug or seller doesn’t want to sell this kasi ₱48,417.67 na lumalabas na price. ¯_(ツ)_//¯
  • TechnoAmp sells this, pero out of stock nung bumili ako

Mouse+Keyboard: GOOJODOQ Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Number Pad 2.4G Mode Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

  • bought at Lazada at ₱838.00
  • I suggest to wait for their flash sale since this can go as low as ₱600.00++
  • I really like 2.4gHz + Bluetooth keyboard mouse combo kasi I can use this for my personal computer AND work laptop. Tapos I have a HDMI switcher so I can also use one monitor. I had a RAPOO set pero natapunan ko ng kape and this was cheaper.

Total: ₱26,011.83


  • Parts can be mixed and matched with other PCs/gadgets. I can reuse the portable monitor when I work in the office, reuse the powerbank/cord to power my other gadgets, keyboard+mouse for my other PCs.
  • Affordable. Maganda na yung specs nya for the price. One can also buy less pricier mini pc like a vanilla Beelink SER5 (priced at ₱13,995.00).


  • Ang weird ng form factor vs a laptop.
  • Ang daming kelangan dalin and mabigat yung powerbank
  • Not really for hardcore gaming kasi underpowered yung CPU + lack of GPU

I probably won’t use my Beelink in this manner kasi may NextFun Tablet/Laptop hybrid ako, but just wanted to show that this is a possibility.