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    Ubuntu maker Canonical put out a news release today around the DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop II that is an octa-core RISC-V laptop shipping soon with Ubuntu Linux.

    The DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop II features 16GB of memory and an all-metal chassis and 1080p display.

    Pre-orders for the DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop II are to begin on 18 June.

    Given the small scale hardware manufacturing challenges, the pricing of the DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop II will likely come in noticeably higher while the performance of even eight RISC-V cores will still be struggling in comparison to modern Intel / AMD / Arm laptop processors.

    The SpacemiT K1 also doesn’t have any upstream open-source graphics driver as another disappointing aspect.

    The original DC-ROMA RISC-V laptop had options of either openKylin or Debian.

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