Should anyone be allowed to run for Prime Minister of Canada if they do not have a security clearance??? I say no as it is impossible for them to even discuss many important things and they do not know the facts. #Canada #cpc #SquintyMcProudBoy

    1 month ago

    As the elected Prime Minister, you get automatic top secret security clearance. The expectation is that the democratic process would have put the person in power, so we want that person to do whatever they wish with that top secret information. Otherwise, we would be losing the power of the people and putting it in the hands of CSIS.

    All appointed ministers do get security screening, as that was put in place by Harper, I think. As a leader of the opposition, Poilievre wouldn’t be subject to those requirements.

    As far as I know there’s nothing to indicate that he wouldn’t pass the check. He just doesn’t want to get the security check and get the inside info, because that would limit what attacks he could make. As an outsider he can spout off whatever drivel he wants.

    So, if he doesn’t pass your security screening, citizen, get out and vote.