The Celtics complete the gentleman’s sweep tonight with their 106-88 win tonight.

They were finally able to get over the hump and have won the Celtics 18th championship to put them ahead of the Lakers all time. Let’s see how the offseason is looking for them:

Cap Space


Draft Picks

1st Round

2nd Round

**Got uploads to work until I tried the 2nd round, will update once it’s working again. **



The Celtics continued their regular season dominance throughout the playoffs and were able to win their first title with this core finally.

While they’ll enter next season well over the cap and likely over the 2nd Apron they have their core all signed for at least 1 more year so won’t have to worry about coming back the next year weaker like most of the recent Champions have had to deal with.

Unlike a lot of the recent champions they also have a lot of draft capital still. They own their own pick for the next 3 years they can use to make some trades should they feel they need to make some minor upgrades or add some depth as they face the grind of attempting to repeat next season.

With their dominance this season and most of their core still relatively young they’ll feel optimistic about their chance to repeat next year.