I almost exclusively use Memmy on my iPad, so I didn’t notice this for a while.

Sometimes I get the “submit logs” screen. I dutifully click the link to submit the logs. I thought I was helping. Then, the other day, Memmy crashed when I was using it on my phone instead of my iPad. I clicked “submit logs” as usual… and my phone actually seemed like it was doing something. I’ve never noticed that on my iPad.

That made me wonder - is the Submit Logs feature on iPad just much more subtle, or is it actually broken?

I’ll be happy to provide specifics about my hardware/software upon request.

  • ebits21@lemmy.ca
    10 months ago

    If you don’t use the built in mail app as default then it doesn’t work.

    I have gmail as default and never worked on my phone.

    I previously filed a big but the fix didn’t really fix the issue. I honestly don’t know what is happening with development of this app at this point.