I got a reply from a recruiter to setup a call later this week. I know one of the inevitable questions will be why am I looking to leave my current role.

Personally I want to leave because:

  • I have a junior role in the company and I don’t see a way of reaching a mid level here.
  • The targets for promotion are constantly moving. The managers have changed a few times over the past 4 years and so have the appraisal systems.
  • I haven’t been given any real projects since the last manager has started. Mainly whack-a-mole type security tasks. This is especially frustrating as I have worked on larger projects before then.
  • lots of senior engineers have joined, introduced a new product/application, and then left.
  • which leads to lots of firefighting and understanding how things were implemented due to the seniors poor documentation.
  • so I’m learning nothing on the job and I’m not working on anything special to talk about.

So would something like ‘looking for new opportunities’ be sufficient?

Ps. If you got this far, thanks for reading my rant. It has been locked away in my head for some time now.

  • hoodlem@hoodlem.me
    10 months ago

    They don’t really care why, just don’t say anything that trashes your current employer or makes you look bad.