i feel like i could have done a lot better if i didnt get lazy during the last 20 years and just let the automated private construction build whatever it wanted-- big mistake, it caused my GDP to plateau for the rest of the game.

other than that my game went very well, population was 200 million! literacy was lower than i wanted bc i constantly procrastinated university building. my population was overwhelmingly loyal and my taxes were at the lowest setting with zero consumption taxes and i still had 2.5M budget surplus. 1B in gold reserves and 2B in the investment pool. i couldnt find enough shit to spend money on lol

as you can see, i went heavy expansionist, leaving Mexico w like 4 states, taking most of central america, half of Colombia, and most of the Congo. call me a colonizer, but my standard of living is #1 in the world, and check out how drastic the SoL difference is between my African states and the rest of Africa

even the lower strata is “prosperous”!

the laws are cool too except i was in the process of enacting collectivized agriculture when the game ended. i ended slavery super early, like 1850 or smth

  • RamrodBaguette [comrade/them, he/him]@hexbear.net
    10 months ago

    It annoys me how there’s no pressure to decolonize from a Communist IG government (though there are barely any releasable tags in Africa atm) or to spread the revolution internationally (and conversely be under constant risk of invasion by reactionary powers). As it stands, Council Republics just feel like spicy social democratic states even with the newest updates.