Say “aye” or yes" if you are in favor of defederation.

Say “nay” or “no” if you are against defederation.

All of the relevant information can be found in the link below. Thank you all for your input.

I can only hope for this level of engagement in all discussions going forward 😅

I apologize for the lack of clarity and structure surrounding the process and just know that we are working to streamline the process ASAP.

EDIT: If you post anything in addition to aye/yes/nay/no, it will be removed and I will reply to the comment with your vote.

I am not voting, I am simply cleaning up comments that try to continue the discussion. Just vote and get off the pot people.

If you’re from another server, you don’t get to vote


In favor of defederation

We are now defederated from EH.

The mod team is currently examining the data in greater detail to arrive at a final count of legitimate votes. Nonetheless, whichever voting system/restrictions we arrive at, the result of the vote is not in question. I will update this post with the final count ASAP. Thank you for your participation, it was a largely successful debate and vote.