• LinkOpensChest.wav@lemmy.one
      7 months ago

      I left beehaw because I was being targeted by a user using gaslighting and lies.

      When I responded to this user (I will admit, too strongly), the mods removed my comments, but left his initial lies and gaslighting up, even though I had reported them (and even messaged one of the admins directly – it was actually a beehaw admin’s actions against my comments.) To be clear, I understood the removal of my comments, but I did not understand why the user’s lies and rudeness against me still remained.

      I mentioned tumblr because it was where the information I was sharing had initiated, and I encouraged people to take the discussion there, since a productive discussion was no longer possible here. I never said I was moving there myself.

      I then removed the rest of my comments and posts on beehaw.

      I was already on tumblr, so I didn’t “move from” Beehaw to there. I was also already on this account, so nor did I move here – I was already here all along, where I’ve had no similar problems.