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  • Various diets essentially tackle the issues of caloric balance from different sides and employ some hacks to either make you feel full with little calories or to force body to dispose of such calories more efficiently.

    At the end of the day, it’s all caloric deficit, but you can make it in different ways.

  • Wasn’t planning to respond to the negativity wave, but white supremacism? Huh?

    I guess some Muricans are so oversensitive on the issue they see racism in everything. I come from a country that barely has any black/hispanic population at all (simply historically), and same with any sort of supremacism - we don’t have racial aspect as a cornerstone of our culture, and I can barely see any intersection here.

    Do you mean I supposedly suggest for white people specifically to get more babies to ethnically cleanse the world or something? Because I never said or meant that, and couldn’t care less about people of which race or origin improve the reproduction rates.

  • You conflate attraction to certain people with sexual preferences, although we don’t have much control over either of them. For example, you cannot force yourself to be more assertive, sadistic, and dominant, and that’s okay. Same way, some people, like your ex, cannot help but enjoy such power play.

    But even still, those two are different. If tomorrow you’d figure out that any sexual interaction, even seemingly consensual, with adult women hurts them, would you immediately stop having any sexual fantasies towards women forever and ever? You may have guilt about it, but you’ll still find yourself attracted, even if repulsed at the same time. You will absolutely learn not to sexually interact with women - I’m pretty sure of that - but the desire will remain.

    This is exactly what it is.

  • In some peoples’ brains it’s just not. Attraction works in a way that doesn’t ask you for your stance.

    And among wealthy and powerful, there are plenty of sociopaths who would abuse a child without being pedophilic per se. Also, if you check the age of their victims, this is most commonly post-puberty minors, and attraction to those is highly common in an adult population.

    There is currently no evidence that pedophilia can be developed, except for the fact that there’s an elevated percentage of pedophiles among people who have survived child sexual abuse as minors themselves.

  • According to the modern, 11th, edition of International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), curated by World Health Organization, as well as American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, modern 5th edition (DSM-5), pedophilia is not an illness.

    Literally the medical world says it’s not.

    But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter much. The point is - pedophiles need support, not more stigma, to find help and live a good life without hurting anybody.