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  • My point is, look I’m a dumb white hick. I’ve never ran anything as significant as this. Just from the way the guy talks I can tell he has eons more experience than I do. His track record? Jesus Christ.

    Still, if I were him I would’ve just… stopped. Long, long ago.

    Yet he hasn’t. Admittedly, I’m a dumb fuck yet smart cookie compared to some but honestly what are the odds that with zero experience I could make better business decisions than this guy?

    Make it make sense, ya know? Explain to me like I’m 5 why he would make decisions that are so obviously detrimental to the company? What are the odds that I could give better business advice than this guy?

    Yet this is what he’s doing. He’s either purposely destroying it or has some weird master plan and I’m not sure I can be convinced otherwise tbh. We all see it, as bad as he seems to be there’s no way he doesn’t.

  • Honestly I feel like that killed Twitter more than many other changes.

    People tell me "there’s no way he (musk) would intentionally crash his own company - it makes no sense - “he’s just terribly bad at business!”

    But is he really THAT bad? In what world could these changes be made in which he’s actively trying to improve the company? If nothing else, seeing the negative backlash, bad publicity and dropping number of users wouldn’t any sound minded business owner at least temporarily undo some of these changes?

    With any business, if you make a change that causes you to lose customers and get bad publicity… don’t you try to mitigate the damage done? Who goes balls to the wall on obviously bad decisions?

  • Sorry, I should’ve been more detailed! You’re right though. I’ll be connecting a pulley to an engine that also spins a compressor. Alternatively, I’ve also considered attaching an extra pulley to my lawnmower deck, attaching the fan motor to that and connecting some lights to it.

    So that’s my initial setup, I know I need a regulator for the output (if it will potentially be too high) but am not knowledged enough to know what junk part I may pull it from except for maybe an old alternator? And at that point maybe I’d be better off using the old alternator or an old magneto engine?

    Just really looking for someone smarter than I that would take a moment to discuss the ins and outs with me. Even if it’s not practical I’m just really interested and looking to learn.

  • They really do have far too much power and influence. Capitalism without ethics will always be a detriment to the people.

    Without ethics in place it’s just everyone out for themselves trying to get paid while the rest just try to survive without losing it all.

    Never fully understood how bad it can be until I saw my rural area get taken over. A decade or so ago it was just a town of poor folks and prices for housing, food etc. Reflected that. Then the rich folks, corporations etc discovered that money could be made here and that was it. All of the small businesses have been bought out and replaced with chain stores. Prices for everything have drastically increased to where a cheeseburger that sold for $5 a few years ago is now $25. Homes that were selling for $60k are now hundreds of thousands, a million in some cases. Almost all of the farmland was bought and sold to developers then turned into subdivisions who then marketed to “higher” class citizens who could afford to pay the asking price.

    It was a small town where everyone knew each other. To date I’d estimate that 90% of those families have moved within a 10 year period. These are multigenerational families, many of which can date their family history here back to when their ancestors first migrated here.

    Now it’s just a sea of opportunity for those into real estate and big business.

    The common people never had a choice in the matter. These people just used their deep pockets to take everything over.

  • Nope, none of that. Can’t even support our veterans that fought in the past wars that taxpayers had to pay trillions for but they can afford the salaries of the soldiers currently out there. It’s like when a corporation cuts the 401k’s of thousands of employees then turns around and hires thousands more…

    The yachts ordeal is yet another example. All this $ frivolously spent on excess before basic needs of citizens are being met. The U.S could damned near be a utopia if we’d elect some people with common sense and quit voting in corrupt politicians.

    I could rant about this for hours as it’s just basic stuff. It’s petty and boring so read on at your own risk.

    We can’t afford guns until the needs of the common people have been met.

    We can’t afford to imprison people for trivial stuff when they’re not an active threat to society.

    Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

    Food is a right. No one should have to decide between paying the rent and eating a proper meal.

    Housing is a right and shouldn’t be a for profit industry. Buying up tons of land in a scheme to get wealthy isn’t good for anyone.

    Banks just… shouldn’t exist the way that they do. Neither should the credit system, predatory loaning practices etc. Prices just keep going up due to this.

    If banks/credit ceased to exist and loans stopped being made, then the price of things would have to adjust to reflect what the average person can actually afford which just makes sense right? If an average person can’t make enough to afford their own home at regular wages within a few years by their self then either they aren’t getting paid enough or asking prices are way too damned high.

    There are just some practices in this world that are bad for it. Everyone knows the shit but no one will do anything because the people with the power to actually enforce change are benefitting too much from the same system to kill it.

    Oh, and another one. Flint Michigan is supposedly enacting an (iirc) $9-10 million dollar bill to repair/replace their pipes in order for the people their to have clean drinking water and not get sick or die from lead poisoning. $9-10 mill would make all that difference yet our government won’t pay it even though we’re spending the better part of a trillion each year blowing things up. How petty is that? Can’t take a penny out of our war money so people can have clean drinking water… pathetic!