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  • Similar logic I’ve seen, but this one is a bit more interesting and nuanced:

    Indian villager: Our dairy cows are well treated, are basically family members, and we don’t separate calfs from their mothers. We only harvest excess milk.

    Internet vegans: Yes, but none of our arguments are talking about people in your situation. We’re talking about people buying liters of milk in supermarkets from corporations.

  • Personally, I don’t see how forcibly impregnating cows and then taking their newborns away as soon as they are born in order to ensure we get all the milk could be considered cruel. Everyone knows that all non-human animals are simply automata with no ability to experience emotions. Cows, like dogs or cats, have no ability to feel so we can do anything we want to them.

    Also, veal couldn’t exist without our wonderful dairy industry. Think of all those veal steaks you’d get rid of without the newborn males to slaughter from the dairy industry.

  • Exactly what I wanted to say. All that talk of “perfection” makes me imagine them snapping and going full psycho because a train was cancelled and they need to book a different one.

    To OP: just stop trying to plan that much. A general plan is good. Just be aware things will change and that’s ok. As long as you two are having a good time, the rest really doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

    If you want a little psychological trick to make the trip more memorable than it otherwise would be, whatever you think is going to be the most impressive, save it for last. Our memories have a very strong recency bias.

  • Barbarian@sh.itjust.workstoParadox Games@lemmy.worldVictoria 3 warfare
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    History is full of examples of small forces outsmarting and outmaneuvering larger forces.

    Yes, but not every war forever for whichever nation the player is piloting. Once you’ve “solved” combat in a game like this, then suddenly every general for the rest of history for every nation you ever play is a super-genius, which feels pretty ridiculous and gamey.

    It is a geopolitical simulator

    Yes. Completely agree. Micro-managing individual battalions doesn’t fit very cleanly into a game about geopolitics. War is a part of it, but not at that granular a level. To take this into hyperbolic extremes to illustrate a point, just because a game includes warfare doesn’t mean it has to have a first person shooter segment.

  • Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so I’m not going to say you’re right or wrong, and if this is the deal-breaker for you then no skin off my nose.

    With all that said, I heavily disagree with you. The game on launch was an unplayable mess, yes, but that wasn’t to do with the overall concept of the combat system.

    Combat in V3 should be decided by technology level, logistics, the general’s skill and numbers. The combat system does this. Manually moving around units to exploit the AI does not help the verisimilitude of the simulation. Conversely, if you aren’t exploiting the AI, then it’s just busywork that can be automated… which they did. This is not a game where player skill expression in terms of unit placement makes sense.

  • is the warfare still broken


    reworked it to include proper units

    Also no.

    The reasons that V3’s combat was broken wasn’t actually due to no units to micromanage. It was due to:

    • Front splits & merges breaking frontlines (in most cases sending everyone home, so you’d have to redo them),

    • No real decisions to make in terms of army composition and extra supplies

    • 1 battle at a time per frontline, regardless of how large the front was (Russia Vs China? Enjoy a 10 year war due to that issue)

    • No ability to designate a priority target for your military

    All of these issues and more have been fixed. V3 is not a game about warfare, it’s a game about industry and the social changes that industrialization brings. Micro-managing a war would be outside the scope of the game. Micro-managing the exact inputs, with more supplies stressing your economy and national expenditure for more combat power if/when you go to war is exactly inside the scope.

    I will die on this hill, damnit.

  • i really think it’s just more nuanced.

    Absolutely! Despite making a short straightforward comment about my own experiences with the time commitment and cost of veganism, I fully understand that it’s more nuanced in my own life, let alone across the breadth of differing human experiences and cultures worldwide.

    One of my absolute favourite food products is Felix vegetarian hash

    I am genuinely glad you managed to find a cheap and tasty food which can at least help you reduce slightly your meat purchases.