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  • Say I have a 50% contribution match from my employer. For every $2 I contribute into my 401k my employer will add their own $1.

    Some employers will force you to contribute a percentage of your paycheck towards your 401k, others will allow you to contribute up to a percentage of your paycheck, not all employers match though and not at the same rate. I believe my employer allows me to contribute up to 60% of my paycheck if I wanted (until the annual IRS limit is reached) but they will only match 50% of whatever dollar amount I send to the 401k account.

    IRS will only let a person add $22,500 in 2023, which means if I max out my contribution my employer will add $11,250 for a total annual contribution of $33,750.

    The IRS will only allow me and my employer combined to contribute $66,000 in 2023 to my 401k. I am unable to hit that $66,000 limit because my employer doesn’t match 293% of my contribution.

  • When you’re just shy of a three trillion dollar company big jumps are harder. Plus with the stock up 15% for the month and up 56% for the year people’s, once balanced, portfolios are likely already overly committed to Microsoft based on how it’s performed this year. It’s hard to ignore a stock when it’s performing this well, this consistently, but it puts an investor in a precarious position. If you haven’t already invested based on the AI boom this year has brought, this wouldn’t have been a tipping point. It was a plus, but only a small plus comparatively. The shake up of OpenAI has much more potential for a big sell off for Microsoft than a buying frenzy. This was more silver lining on instability of a big bet Microsoft made.