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  • You gotta be fucking dumb to think that there is only capitalism on the right and communism on the left.

    They are both extreme and should be treated as such.

    I assume you are from the US because your communism trigger is the fastest in the west.

    There isn’t even an iota of leftism in the US political system and you call your left communist.

  • I’m not sure why you keep referring to that dumb argument. There is two distinct book, I know that, but the second book is called the secret annex and is rewritten and more tame.

    Otherwise, diary of a young girl is referred to as Anne Frank’s diary and all the other similar name. So shut the fuck up with your propaganda.

    Neither book should be banned and for a right winger, you seem to be more about big government than personal responsibility that your ilk like to spout.

    There is nothing offensive in the book and parents can decide for their child without being a bunch of christo-fascists cunts trying to ban anything they don’t like.

    Walk the talk for once in your life and stop being an hypocrite. If you don’t mind toddlers shooting people and the mass shootings but you get your feelings hurt by a young girl describing what she is going through at puberty, there is no mental gymnastics that can justify that.

    So go live in the wood with all your troglodytes so that you can live your christo-fascist life like you want. You can bring your bible with you, we don’t need it.