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    The only thing I find complicated is when I read about someone such as in a news article and I see the phrase trans man/woman and my brain is like ok so which one are they identifying as? My brain has trouble parsing out if that means they were that gender or are that gender now, I think it means that’s what they are now? My best friend is non-binary so I honestly don’t spend a ton of time thinking about it. They are just who they are but I certainly could go for an explanations so as to not be an ass by accident.

  • We can just have curators bring focus on those games in a positive manner then. We really don’t need to give fuck wads like these any ground to stand on, they’ll just use it as a staging ground to push from. Besides if even hypothetically we entertain the idea of us getting something positive out of this it’s not worth it. We’re not painting a mountain range, there’s no happy accidents with bigotry involved.

  • I had a couple of football sized koi that loved getting rubs on the ridge on their “head”. I also had a tortoise who loved head pats, she was a weird one though. Seemed far more social than any tortoise I’d met before. It was both adorable and terrifying to see her tear ass when I’d visit in the morning. It wasn’t that she was fast, she just didn’t care who or what was between her and I.