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  • As a person not into horror but into free games, I wonder why so many indie horror itch games make it here. Do they just go free more often than other genres? Am I just noticing them more often than any other type of post because the thumbnail is often something I actively find unpleasant instead of something neutral I can scroll and ignore?

    Not a criticism of anyone posting them, they absolutely should be posted here.

  • I also bought Trombone Champ on the sale! Have not started yet, as I am devoting my attention to a few other games right now and I prefer not to split my game brain toooo many different ways, but excited to as a former band kid who has never played a trombone in real life.

    Now that I think of it I feel it was probably the perfect instrument to make this game for. It has Actual Music written for it, as a legit instrument some people devote themselves to and get good at, so there’s definitely enough depth to make a game out of it, but it is also one of the instruments more likely to be funny.

  • Came here on this meme just to say the only reason I am seeing this is opening up kbin.run on a different browser, so I am not automatically logged in and thus able to avoid this. Learned my lesson, only log in on the usual browser for kbin. But I logged in to say this, even if it gets me downvoted to hell, because it is on topic and might help other people with ADHD.

    Another thing that I recommend to cut out, if you see it taking your life, ironically, is communities just like this. I lost so many hours of my life doomscrolling on other ADHD peoples’ vent posts making myself more and more miserable about how hopeless things look for them, too, just like me, how do we get out of the misery rut? I am still not perfect and still struggling, but blocking or curating this kind of community away helped me. Reading fellow ADHD people sharing my sentiments and worries does not make me feel any better, it is just, for me, unhealthy cycling of the same damn hopeless ideas.

    If reading ADHDMemes helps you, by all means keep it. Not everyone is going to have the same reaction as me, for some I imagine it would be helpful to see this community.

    But if you are like me and need to see this and you need some kind of push to take any action (it took me years to kick doomscrolling, and as evidenced by my willingness to click on this post it is still tempting, which is why I have to curate these communities away), block this. Block the meme communities for your other conditions if you have any. Heck, even the main community for it, if it is more vent-y than solution-y. Or do like I have done (I am kind of oversensitive and there are so many iterations of communities that tend to post doom-y content) and keep your feed to just Subscribed stuff, none of which can involve doom-y stuff. I waste far less time on Reddit-equivalents and Reddit thanks to me doing this. Now I waste it elsewhere, but at least it is something I enjoy and not something that makes me even more stressed and unhappy.

    • I keep hearing that Mass Effect is a series I would like, so I finally got the Legendary Edition for $5.99.
    • I have also heard of Mages of Mystralia as a good game for magic mechanics, so got that for $4.99.
    • Trombone Champ for $5.99. I like silly memey stuff and I’m a former band kid. I also never played the trombone, which explains why I am buying the game instead of just playing my own trombone instead.
    • Sixty Four for $4.19, as an incremental game fan

    I am not sure whether to pick up Noita because I have heard of its great magic mechanics, it also sounds like something that will frustrate me way too much. I’ll probably try on a friend’s computer first

  • I originally played the iOS version.

    I then bought it again on Steam and have 200 hours logged, which is probably only going to grow. All of these hours happened during the adult phase of my life in which I usually have to be mildly peer-pressured into gaming instead of actually taking the initiative to do something I like (though I am trying to fix that). However, I do think that the way it breaks the game up, into days, gives a nice stopping point.

    If only I could stop thinking “one more day, I still need to turn in that quest/plant that new crop in the exact place I want it/get that one last fish I need for the community center before I forget”.

  • Moonlight Rabbits, an incremental/idle game with adorable bunnies!

    Also Stardew Valley with friends again, and My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! -Pirates of the Disturbance-. The latter is an otome game (basically think a visual novel specifically aimed at women, and romance is a major component) based off the My Next Life as a Villainess anime/manga.

    In the anime/manga, a girl who loves otome games dies and gets reincarnated into the villainess of one of the games. That villainess dies or is exiled in misery in a lot of the game’s ends, so the girl tries to prevent those things from happening. The girl is a really nice person unlike the original villainess, and inadvertently ends up attracting a ton of suitors, both male and female. She’s also super romantically oblivious to any advances towards herself since she is thinking of herself as the game’s villainess, and she’s canonically, self-acknowledged in the game to be dumb, so it is way less infuriating than it would be in most other media. It’s a romcom. And then it got an actual real-life otome game made out of it, the one I’m playing, which also seems to be a romcom.

  • I’ll be honest, I’m a straight import from Reddit HFY, and always saw HFY as a subversion of the “humans are the boring, weak race” you’ll see in fantasy and sci-fi, so HWTF stuff would absolutely count as HFY to me, even if it wouldn’t always be to my particular tastes. It would not count as HFY to this community, which limits HFY to more uplifting/positive stuff, which is understandable because a lot of people want their HWTF marked and labeled as such. Although I don’t think we have caught on on the Fediverse to the point we can afford to have a split-off HWTF community yet.