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  • Did you just thaw out…? It’s absolutely a new thing! Watch Biden from during debates and speeches just a few years ago. Or even the Vice-Presidential debates from 2016. That was only 8 years ago, that’s barely even a thing for an 81 year-old!

    doesn’t seem to stop Trump

    Trump lied like crazy before, during, and after the debate. But at least he was present and himself, he didn’t freeze, he didn’t have a vacant stare, and didn’t literally snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by getting confused and mentioning his opponent’s strongest issue on an unrelated question to him! Age affects everyone differently. And I have to mention, this wasn’t just a one-off: Biden also had cognitive performance issues during press conferences, speeches, and UN addresses post-debate. This isn’t some GOP plot, we all are witnessing it with our own eyes!

    If the Democrats wanted a legitimate candidate they should have thought of that way before

    I really, really hate this argument. Biden’s symptoms hadn’t progressed to this point yet and the DNC manipulated things to make sure he had no “real” rival for the 2024 nomination. This decline happened suddenly and unexpectedly. Anyone caring for an elderly parent/family member understands. Moving on…

    he’s old I mean come on better let the fascists win

    I get that we have different opinions, but let’s at least be honest. We all want to avoid another Trump presidency, that’s why people are voicing their opinions, and this is literally the only time to do it! Once he’s locked in as the Nominee, we’re stuck with him. Like Democratic leadership, former presidents, major donors, and the public, I think someone else still has a better chance beating Trump and avoiding Project 2025. Now is the only time to explore other options as we contemplate the best way to avoid the end of democracy in the USA…