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  • Java is certainly the fastest of the bunch, but I still find it rather noticeable how long the startup of applications takes and how it always feels a bit laggy when used for graphical stuff.

    Certainly possible to ignore that on a rational level, but that’s why I’m talking about how it feels.
    I’m guessing, this has to do with just the basic UX principle of giving the user feedback. If I click a button, I want feedback that my click was accepted and when the triggered action completed. The sooner those happen, the more confident I feel about my input and the better everything feels.

  • I mean, in certain ways I agree with you, but it’s rather mundane for most people, because they completely dissociate from the very real dangers that are just factually there. While your rule of thumb works in many cases, personally I never felt comfortable between all the people undercutting safe breaking distance, even when I had lots of routine.

  • Congratulations on technically not being wrong, I guess? I was admitting that, yeah, I made certain assumptions there. At the same time, I tried to provide you feedback that your communication attempt was evidently not successful. But rather than reflecting on that, you’re completely blocking that off. Rather than communicating, you’re just looking to prove that I’m a dumbass and you’re not. Was that first comment intentionally ambiguous, so you could prove you’re technically not wrong? Is that your thought of a good time? Because fucking hell, it is not for me.

  • During 2020, I was still living with my parents and working from home, so I got to enjoy home-cooked meals every day. Well, except that every two weeks my mum would surprisingly find a massive zucchini in the garden and it had to be eaten.

    Long story short, I was fed a life supply of zucchini in one summer. I have not enjoyed zucchini ever since. 🫠

  • Bad code can certainly be part of it. The average skill level of those coding C/C++/Rust tends to be higher. And modern programs typically use hundreds of libraries, so even if your own code is immaculate, not all of your dependencies will be.

    But there’s other reasons, too:

    • Python, Java etc. execute their compiler/interpreter while the program is running.
    • CLIs are magnitudes slower, because these languages require a runtime to be launched before executing the CLI logic.
    • GUIs and simulations stutter around, because these languages use garbage collection for memory management.
    • And then just death by a thousand paper cuts. For example, when iterating over text, you can’t tell it to just give you a view/pointer into the existing memory of the text. Instead, it copies each snippet of text you want to process into new memory.
      And when working with multiple threads in Java, it is considered best practice to always clone memory of basically anything you touch. Like, that’s good code and its performance will be mediocre. Also, you better don’t think about using multiple threads in Python+JS. For those two, even parallelism was an afterthought.

    Well, and then all of the above feeds back into all the libraries not being performant. There’s no chance to use the languages for performance-critical stuff, so no one bothers optimizing the libraries.

  • Honestly, it’s still ridiculous to me how slow Python, Java, JS, Ruby etc. continue to feel, even after decades of hardware optimizations. You’d think their slowness would stop being relevant at some point, because processors and whatnot have become magnitudes faster, but you can still feel it quite well, when something was implemented in one of those.

  • In my mind, it is significantly more likely that someone on the internet is a misogynist rather than them talking about the miniscule overlap between women not wanting to be objectified and women posing in manners that commonly get objectified. In the latter case, I would also expect that someone to be aware of the prevalence of misogynists and therefore distance themselves from them, so as to not be misunderstood. The downvotes you got seem to agree with me.