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  • Honestly, that is what hurt the experience more than anything, not having the capacity to support an event that is meant to show off what your game can do and hopefully entice new players (assuming that’s what the free fly events are for) is just going to leave a bad impression on people just checking out the game. I tried several times over a span of 3-4 days to get some footing, but found myself just having to Alt+F4 in most cases.

    If the servers actually worked, I could have looked up a video or 2, tried out a few free ships (assuming a new player can find the event which is an entirely different issue), etc. But all I’m left with is no desire to even buy a starter pack.

  • You’re not wrong and, to be fair, I’m mostly exaggerating when I say to rip out all the smart stuff.

    Thermostat would stay, Alexa is being phased out but google home would stay, flood sensors I have at this time do not beep because of the stress is causes the pets just during normal testing, but those could be easily replaced.

    However, I also have a ton of lighting, zigbee sensors, zigbee smart plugs, camera motion automations, alarm system automations, garage door automations, and other routines that can’t just be taken over by someone that has no desire to mess with HA. It’s not always about the functionality of the device itself, but what HA does to enhance it.

  • Documentaries have had drawings, with a disclaimer that it is an artist rendering, for as long as I can remember. Or what about when they hire actors to do a “dramatization” of what happened, how is this different?

    The quote above is in my first post in this thread. And to say a human can’t render as well as a machine, is arguable, but that isn’t what this is about.

    So again, if people are told that it’s a rendering, regardless of who or what rendered it, what is the issue, and should all past documentaries with human renderings/reenactments not be called documentaries?