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  • There’s a train station parking lot where I live which has solar canopies over the car spots.

    In the winter, snow and ice accumulates and does fall off. A few years ago a saw a big section of ice/slush slough off and almost hit a kid waiting for their parent to pick them up.

    I’m not sure how bad it really is overall, but the photo in this post doesn’t look much like an area which gets snowfall.

  • Look up the actual commandments from Christian mythology—it is weird as shit.

    First, it makes the Christian god come across as super-insecure.

    Then, it just lists extra-obvious shit—like, “Wow, I am so relieved the magic man in the sky told me not to murder or steal, because otherwise I would be totally murdering, and stealing, and probably coveting the absolute fuck out of my neighbor’s donkey right now”.

    Why in the fuck does anybody believe this has a place in a public school?

    Also, does Louisiana “actually” believe their government and system of laws is based in the Bible’s 10 commandments? It isn’t possible that the basic “don’t murder and don’t steal” shit is just universal? As far as Louisiana knows, non-Abrahamic societies are just totes chilly-willy with living “The Purge” every single day?

    And somehow posters will answer this question nobody asked? Cool.