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  • i still don’t understand how it’s doing a defense of patriarchy. i’m not even bringing edge’s intention into it. he asked about himself in reply to a comment that was already about the suffering of men under patriarchy so i’m not even sure it was derailing the way we usually mean talking about men making discussions about feminism about themselves.

    Notice that, even here on Hexbear, the conversation is centered on whether misandry is real rather than ways to tackle the problems of systemic violence against women.

    The OP is about these ideas not being equal, the way the tweet is written takes misandry for granted and rightly says they are not equivalent. We don’t organize on here, the “what is to be done” kinda shit is basic stuff that everybody already knows like the men here not themselves doing violence, yelling at people we should probably stop being friends with, and running our orgs so it doesn’t happen (or holding them accountable if necessary) and there’s not really any conversation to have there unless someone has a specific question about running orgs or deradicalizing someone.