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    This comment just shows the basics of Sikhism, and more or less, like Christianity, is, by its word, a potential religion gateway to socialism… (however utopian it is)

    Sikhism believes that it is immoral to show distinction or rank because of race, class, or gender. Universality and equality are among the most important pillars of the Sikh faith. This is also known as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarbat_da_bhala

    Take part in fellowship. This could be many things, like cooking with someone, praying with someone, working at a temple, serving someone.

    Sikhs are expected to embody the qualities of a Sant Sipahi or “saint-soldier”, showing no fear on the battlefield and treating defeated enemies humanely. The Bhagat further defines the qualities of a sant sipahi as one who is “truly brave…who fights for the deprived”

    Obviously religious people do deeply unserious things in the name of religion all the time regardless of the actual teachings of the religion, though. The base for Sikhism seems to be very accepting of other religions and is very obviously heavily influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism (particularly Bhakti), and Islam (particularly Sufi Islam). It has a strong undertone of demanding adherents be militant about equity. Bahaism is also very influenced by Sikhism, imo.