if you devalue trans people in any way, including nb people, please block me

I respectfully request that you not refer to me using slurs

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  • See, this is what people say, but now that I’ve been reading labels I don’t believe it.

    For example, I cannot eat Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, but some off brands are made with a different formula that doesn’t include gluten and is manufactured in a safe environment.

    Conversely, I can eat Cheerios, but not most store brands, Lucky Charms but not most store brands, etc.

    And that’s just cereal! Even drugs vary wildly. Sure, the active ingredients are the same, but the other contents can really vary.

    Some foods have similar ingredients, but are either manufactured on shared equipment with wheat and dairy, or not.

    I now believe that most store brands are made in a unique environment. I’m open to being convinced otherwise, but if you need more examples, I can check my cupboard and tell you all kinds of things!

  • I was in the same situation. I started to walk and longboard every day and track my calories without exception.

    Eventually, you can see changes and it becomes easier over time, but oh boy I never shame anyone for their body size, because it’s hella hard, and if you’re coping with other problems like depression or addiction, it’s gotta feel damn near impossible.

  • But it’s not the only alternative to authoritarianism

    Tell that to the people this post is about. Also, as you have mentioned, the current system allows this. The majority of people could support ICE, and it would still be inequitable and oppressive. The majority may oppose returning land to tribal control, but it is still colonization and genocide.

    Only ideologies like Anarchism preclude this, since they by definition oppose such hierarchies and don’t rely on a glacially slow system that winks while people suffer.

    It doesn’t matter what the majority want. Often, the majority want to harm other people. If you don’t believe me, then you haven’t heard from enough American liberals who will make batshit claims such as this being the best system in the world or that they “have no other choice” but to force oppression and genocide as long as it’s sanctioned by the law.

    Clearly, this is not a good system. Never has been.

  • I left beehaw because I was being targeted by a user using gaslighting and lies.

    When I responded to this user (I will admit, too strongly), the mods removed my comments, but left his initial lies and gaslighting up, even though I had reported them (and even messaged one of the admins directly – it was actually a beehaw admin’s actions against my comments.) To be clear, I understood the removal of my comments, but I did not understand why the user’s lies and rudeness against me still remained.

    I mentioned tumblr because it was where the information I was sharing had initiated, and I encouraged people to take the discussion there, since a productive discussion was no longer possible here. I never said I was moving there myself.

    I then removed the rest of my comments and posts on beehaw.

    I was already on tumblr, so I didn’t “move from” Beehaw to there. I was also already on this account, so nor did I move here – I was already here all along, where I’ve had no similar problems.

  • Thank you! I’ve been rapidly losing faith in people lately. My dad taught social studies, and this is exactly the same things he would say. Seems we’ve lost sight of this somewhere along the way.

    Might I add that it is so important that we not treat any person, including the president, as if they are beyond reproach. I find this trend of deflecting any criticism of one president with wild unfounded accusations of supporting an even worse candidate to be extremely troubling and, quite frankly, anti-democratic. I wish I could persuade more people to support equity and oppose systemic oppression, but it’s frustrating when the very people who proclaim to care refuse to engage in good faith.