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  • Off-grid inverters bypass a LOT of that. And i should have been more clear on no backfeed. I would never recommend backfeed tbh. It comes with insane amounts of red tape, as you’ve noted, the equipment is also much more expensive for grid tie.

    Off-grid inverters are basically a backup UPS on steroids. They accept grid as an input but don’t feed back to it. They have far less regulation on their installations. Some places indeed you will still have some but usually you can get away with just having the final install inspected by a master electrician.

  • If you do it yourself it can be so much cheaper, For example with a goal of about 20k spent This bundle gets you 12Kw of inverter output and 30Kwh of batteries for 11k. Then just grab two Of these solar panel pallets for 28Kw of panels. Or Alternatively go smaller with just one pallet and save a bit. Then ofc you will get the 30% federal tax credit on top of everything

    Not everybody is going to want to do it themselves I get that, it’s actually very easy and straightforward I posted another comment here up above that goes into more detail but honestly just about anyone could learn to do it it’s not advanced electrical work by any stretch of the imagination.

  • To be fair this is just if you pay professionals to do it. They charge astronomically out the ass for labor for no reason. The actual cost of the equipment is surprisingly little if you buy it yourself, and installing it is very straightforward and easy you do not need to be particularly intelligent or skilled. I’ve done about five different systems at this point, two on RVs and three on houses. One of the houses and one of the RVs was my own and the rest are friends that I have helped set it up.

    For example with a goal of about 20k spent This bundle gets you 12Kw of inverter output and 30Kwh of batteries for 11k. Then just grab two Of these solar panel pallets for 28Kw of panels. Or Alternatively go smaller with just one pallet and save a bit. Then ofc you will get the 30% federal tax credit on top of everything.

    Ask any installer for a similar sized system and it’s almost certainly going to be 80k+ at minimum. The only part you may definitely want a professional for is if you plan on roof mounting them, have a roofer come help install the framing so you can ensure no leaks. But for ground mount (or if you are familiar with roofing) even that’s not needed.

    The actual electrical works is very straight forward. Everything is very clearly labeled, the documentation is very explicit about what goes where. On the solar panel side you’re literally working with DC so you’re literally only dealing with positive and negative. Even on the AC coupling side when you’re talking about an off-grid inverter you’re not back feeding into the grid so it’s very straightforward. Your house grid goes into the input, and your output on the inverter goes to your panel.

    The only stuff to watch out for in the NEC is rules about where your secondary panel for the solar output can be placed, has to be a certain distance from the ground, has to have a certain amount of clearance around it on all sides, has to be accessible, stuff like that but it’s all fairly easy to just look up thankfully

  • It’s not as if I can be actually helpful, you’ve given people nothing to go on other than it didn’t work for me. But seeing as literally everyone’s experiences that it works out of the box on any piece of Hardware they’ve ever touched the only thing that can tell me is that something is horrendously broken with your Linux installation. What could that be? I have no way to know, but it’s obvious that something is not even remotely how it should be the only advice I could give is to completely reinstall your Linux from scratch. Which is the same advice I would give to a Windows user facing a similar problem of something that should just work right out of the box and does for literally everybody except them

  • I’m going to assume that you do not mean Deep Rock Galactic with that acronym because that has worked out of the box since day one I play it regularly with friends on the steam deck and on my Linux desktop and the only thing I had to do was click play in Steam.

    Can’t help you with your emulators, I used dolphin to play dokepone Kingdom regularly over VPN without any issues didn’t have to do anything special either so that one just sounds like a skill issue

  • Yo chill dude, I’m 32. I’m allowed to want something that doesn’t exist, I’m literally the one that said it doesn’t exist. And I do accept there’s no better solution, that was the point of my original message. There is no alternative to Google Maps. Sure I could go get TomTom or Garmin but then I’m just paying for an equivalent Google Maps experience. Which would just be me spending money for no reason, I have had a Garmin in the past it’s a good GPS but I wouldn’t say it’s better than Google Maps so I don’t feel it’s worth the money.

    It’s also just another closed Garden system that has many of the same problems as Google Maps that I’m trying to get away from. Just because I have a desire for something better does not make me a child.

    I’m not even going to bother addressing that insanely leap of logic you made to somehow compare this to voting and fascism

  • Let me rephrase, I’m desperate for a more open, not garden locked solution. Paying for Garmin and tomtom is just paying for a different corporation locked solution.

    It’s the same way I’m desperate for a replacement for Plex. But the closest thing, jellyfin, is terrible. It fails to match media, fails to play back certain files, and a bunch of other issues that Plex just does not have. Despite that I have donated to the project, I want to get away from plex and support something open. I want to get away from Google and support something open. But I need to be able to have a minimum amount of functionality.

  • It’s really not. Not usable ones. I’ve tried so many open map Alternatives and they suck. Wildly outdated, streets that don’t exist anymore, streets that do exist not on the map, nonsensical directions, extremely poor voice navigation directions, not knowing about tons of addresses so even if I just give it the raw address it still can’t find it and I have to basically go find the address on Google and then manually place a pain in the open map.

    I’m not even in a weird place, this is just around Washington State mostly between Everett and Tacoma. The answer I always get is “oh well if you see something wrong submit a correction”. Ignoring the fact that that is wildly unhelpful if I’m somewhere new and don’t know where I’m going, if I had the time to sit there and build Maps I would just build my own God damn map.

    Would desperately love to replace Google Maps for my navigation, especially lately but nothing else even comes close