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    And yet, here you are, being precisely what you accuse me of being. Lazy and useless.

    “Pretty much”, “Mountains of evidence”, yet none presented by them or you.


    Nuclear power is a MUST if we want to advance as a race in a “short” period of time. We need alot of energy to be able to have what we all want. Warmth, food, a life… hell even the internet. As long as people take it seriously, nuclear power is very very safe, and efficient.It doesn’t mean it is the only form of energy we need to adopt. But we do need it. Unless you think coal, oil or gas is the way to go… And no. Solar and wind won’t cut it all-round.

    That is an opinion, mostly my own. It is based on many hours of reading articles and watching videos. I didnt study formally for anything to back up that opinion. However maybe read something like this to help you understand some stuff.


    Good luck, and be better please.

  • It’s quite funny too because someone was tracking and posting her flights on x (Twitter) because it’s public information, which she also didn’t appreciate.

    I’m not a fan or a hater, but I guess it’s nice to see she adapted a little. I understand the want or need for a private jet when you need to be al over the planet with a crew. But using it for everything is a bit… Excessive.

  • I guess thanks for this, everyone else seems to be funny about it but I honestly don’t understand this place, maybe I’m too new to it and am missing alot of context.

    Still don’t understand the rudeness in all of this tho, but then again maybe I shouldn’t discuss anything if I don’t understand the context I guess.

    It is funny to see all the pigshit on balls. Not the most impressive insult, if it even is one, but made me chuckle.