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  • No. It’s literally from the Latin for rules. The word has never not meant to have rules and regulation.

    The idea of a well regulated watch or other gadget, is actually later.

    I know you’ve probably been told this myth your entire life but it’s just not true. And why it took the court 175 years to define the militia as every able bodied person.

    The founders were very aware of the dangers of letting people run around with guns and no regulations. That’s why the first sentence is there and why there were laws about guns in town for 300 years before the Bruen decision decided to ignore history while claiming to be historically accurate.

  • That dock never worked right and they’ve removed it. For the record, if the US military did a standard aid operation it would be fine. It’s his insistence on this special system that fucked it.

    Other than that, he’s completely blocked any actual Leahy Law or Foreign Assistance Act Human Rights reviews and consistently repeats IDF propaganda that’s quickly debunked by literally every other stakeholder.

    Every cease fire he’s pushed, he blames Hamas for the failure, even though Hamas publicly says they want it and Israel publicly says they don’t. When Hamas actually refuses, you find out the “deal” is to release the hostages in return for not starving to death.

    So yes. It’s pretty fucking bad.