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    1. Anti capitalism is just anti capitalism. That’s not a theory for how a society free from capitalism should work. Those theories will of course be diverse, and there will be disagreement.

    2. Divide and conquer works for detroying social movements, and is one of the ruling classes favorite weapons of class warfare. It’s easy to get agitators to derail the conversation or movement as a whole. There are fundamental differences in what anti capitalists believe should be done and how power should be distributed. I don’t believe all leftists think the same thing, but I believe that the vast majority of “leftist infighting” is just agitation by the ruling class.

  • Dude! Sidebery is THE best session manager around. You create snapshots and have tons of configuration over how and when to take them. Mine backs up every 5 minutes and keeps a few days worth. Every time some other fuckery has caused me to lose my all my tabs, sidebery has had a perfectly working backup. And it keeps the exact window layout you had. It’s by far the best