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  • In digital logic design, this is called a synthesis tool. In the design of real digital circuitry, you write a code-like hardware description using a language called an “HDL” (hardware description language) such as VHDL or SystemVerilog. Then a program called a synthesiser converts the HDL into a digital circuit.

    Each module is designed this way then hooked up using busses and wires.

    In real-life, you would then send the generated design to the manufacturing team

  • Has anyone mentioned the word “union” in these communications yet? It needs to be gotten across that without a formal union, your bosses can just crush your little organisation with very few realistic legal consequences. They can make up bullshit reasons to fire you or reduce your hours as punishment. What is happening is just collective bargaining but without the legal protection of being a union.

    Unions rarely strike. The threat of Industrial action (which is not just limited to striking) is usually an effective enough bargaining chip that in most cases, bosses offer concessions in negotiations without needing to resort to it.

    There are limited forms of Industrial action as well. For example, the union can say that everyone should refuse overtime or that they should reduce their work to only the bare minimum required of them (which is called “work-to-order” or “work-to-rule”). Other tactics involve a large number of employees calling in sick on the same day. All of these allow workers to show their power without needing to sacrifice their paycheque.

    If you contact the local chapter of a larger union organisation, they can provide resources to help organise your workplace. Google Search “Chicago restaurant workers union” and find the one that matches you and your colleagues’ values most, then reach out for help organising.

    Employer intimidation is forbidden during the process of formally organising a union and will be prosecuted by the National Labour Relations Board.

  • Without intent to offend, perhaps neutral reporting isn’t for you. They reported all the facts and leave you to come up with your own opinion, which is a mark of high-quality journalism.

    They are a news agency. They are not here to tell you what to think of the news. You want your news to tell you what to think. I want my news to tell me what happened and give me the information necessary to form my own opinion.

    If they said explicitly or implied that she did this because of her ideology, even if that is likely true, that would not be unbiased.

  • The “liberal media” is not “tripping over themselves to talk about this like it’s some complicated issue”.

    The Washington Post called bullshit:

    U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon’s ruling is a remarkable win for Trump, whose lawyers have thrown longshot argument after longshot argument to dismiss the case. Other courts have rejected similar arguments to the one that he made in Florida about the legality of Smith’s appointment.

    Cannon’s decision comes as Trump is preparing to be formally nominated as the Republican presidential nominee in this year’s election, with the Republican National Convention beginning in Milwaukee on Monday.

    The legal theory that Smith was illegally appointed and funded has generally been considered far-fetched. Trump’s legal team didn’t adopt the argument in court until conservative legal groups pushed it.

    This is as far as they can go in saying that “this decision is unhinged” while still maintaining their aura of objectivity. They’re not going to do it explicitly in the main article, that will come in the opinion pieces that will be released in a few hours, surely

  • I drove through Wyoming once and it was all grass and prairie dust on the side of the road except for a sign that said “Little America 100 miles” and further advertising every 20 miles until one that said “next exit”.

    So what is the “Little America” they hyped up? It’s a rest stop with a gift shop and a Sinclair fuel station 🥴